Attention men: Concerned about Health Issues?

Research studies for men are enrolling now, with options you may not have tried!

Men who qualify may receive*:
  • Payment up to $600, which varies by study
  • Study-related care at no cost from local doctors
  • Study medication at no cost

You may qualify for local research studies!

Over time, you may have noticed changes in your energy levels, weight gain, depressed mood, slowed metabolism, hair loss, low sex drive and changes in your general sense of well-being –especially if you have been struggling with a health condition like diabetes, high cholesterol or depression. Some of these changes could signal serious medical issues, while others may be interfering with your quality of life.

If you’re concerned about these or other physical changes, consider joining local research studies for men.

Right now, local doctors are evaluating study medications that are not available from your regular doctor. By joining a research study, you can get access to confidential, no-cost study-related healthcare from experts who understand the challenges you face. In addition, your participation in research studies helps to advance potential new treatment options for a wide range of conditions.

Take the next step to see if you qualify for local men’s health studies. . But don’t delay — space is limited!

* In a research study, the participants may receive investigational study product or may receive an inactive substance, or placebo, depending on the study design. Participants receive study-related care from a doctor/research team for the duration of the study. Reasonable payments will be made for participation and the length of the study may vary.

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